Use this section to identify and value your Sebastian figurines, plates and other collectibles designed by Prescott W. Baston and Woody Baston.  Each item is fully described and illustration and a range of dealer values stated based on current market conditions.

To locate an item you are interested in, you may use any of five methods: (1) the Alphabetical Index; (2) the SML Number Index;  (3) the Topics Index; or (4) the Series Index; or (5) the Identification Guide.  You may then select the item you are interested in by clicking on its identifying number and go directly to a full description of  that item, including its current valuation.

If you have the Product Code of an item as used by Lance, Hudson Creek, Spoontiques or Wayland Studios, use the Conversion Table to find the corresponding SML number as most commonly used by Sebastian collectors.

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Sebastian figurine, plates and other collectibles listed in alphabetical order by subject matter. Numerous cross-references are provided. ALPHABETICAL INDEX
Figurines and other items by the SML (Sebastian Miniature Listing) number. This is the method most commonly used by collectors to identify and classify Sebastians. Included are categories for pewter figurines, plates and other items. SML NUMBER INDEX
Figurines and other items according to topic based on collector interest. Many items fall into several topics.  For example, George Washington is listed under  Couples (with Martha), Famous People, Military and War, and Masonic Figurines. TOPICS INDEX
Figurines grouped by the artists into series based on common themes.  Examples are the Charles Dickens series and the Sebastian Miniatures Remembers America series. SERIES INDEX
If you have a figurine that you believe is a Sebastian and need to identify it, click here to find a matching image.  IDENTIFICATION GUIDE
 Use this table to convert a four-digit manufacturing Product Code to its corresponding SML, PF, LC or other code used by collectors. CONVERSION TABLE

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