Sebastian figurines have been made in a great many subject areas as a quick scroll down this page will reveal.  Regardless of your collecting interest, you are likely to find items that will appeal to you. To view all of the miniatures in a Series, click on the name of that Series in the left hand column.  
Note: Many Sebastian miniatures were created as parts of related sets or series, often over a period of several years.  They are often collected in these sets.  Miniatures that are similar but were not designed as items within a series will be listed under the Topics Index.


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America Remembers Family Series Series of five figurines containing a number of people in typical family situations.  Victorian era representations.  Issued 1978-83. 
Blair's Christmas Series In 1980, Blair's Gift Shop of Boston commissioned five old-fashioned Christmas scenes, one to be introduced each year.  These figurines, with ornate bases, were produced in limited quantities.  Later the base was changed and they were added to the regular line.
Burrows Gallerye Series
(also Museum of City of NY)
This series represents five famous persons connected with both the distant and much more recent history of New York City.  This lovely set represents, in the eyes of many, some of Prescott Baston Sr.'s finest work.  Two issues were produced along with a base to display them.
Children's Band Because of World War II, Prescott W. Baston produced this series to resemble a popular German set of children in a band.  It never became popular, however, and only 200 sets were produced.
Children's Pairs Mr. Baston produced his first limited edition issue with Sidewalk Days, the first of several children.  These became very popular.  The series was produced from 1978 to 1982.  All sets were limited to 10,000 and were fully subscribed.
Civil War Series The war that almost tore our nation apart but ended up by solidifying it, is depicted by the Bastons in a set of seven colorful figurines.  They include representations of both sides of that conflict including generals and common soldiers.
Dickens Series  Charles Dickens was an author much admired by P. W. Baston.  This extensive series representing some of his most famous characters has always been popular.  The series includes a house and a mounting base.
Firefighter Series This is a set of four firemen shown in scenes typical of their profession.  They were produced as a limited edition with a special collector's base.  Two other figures, a volunteer fireman and a smaller figurine of a fireman, preceded this set.
Godey Series Children represented in illustrations that appeared in Godey's Ladies Book, a popular periodical considered as setting the standard for morals and good taste.  A very popular series issued over many years, first in 1953.
House of Seven Gables Characters from Nathaniel Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables.  These were sold as a fundraising effort by the foundation that maintains the original house in Salem, MA.
Jell-O Series A popular series made for General Foods (Jell-O) in conjunction with an advertising campaign run in the Reader's Digest from 1952 to 1956 by its advertising firm Young & Rubicam.
Jimmy Fund Series The Jimmy Fund is a long established, much respected Boston-based charity that benefits children and adults with cancer at Boston's  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute..  Since 1983, Stacy's Gifts of Walpole, MA has sponsored a series of figurines to benefit this effort.   Most of these figurines depict active children engaged in typical youthful activities. 
Lighthouse Series This set of seven classic lighthouses depict both the structures and their immediate surroundings.  These beacons were always a most welcome sight to ships as they approached our coasts in those days when navigation was a less precise science than it is today. 
Mark Twain Series A favorite of P. W. Baston, Mark Twain's leading characters are represented in a series that started in 1948 with Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain is also represented in a separate figurine.
Men Who Made America The Artist who sculpted this Series, Woody Baston, wanted to pay tribute to some of the early pioneers of this country.  These figurines capture the spirit of the people who often went into totally unexplored areas to create that land that we all enjoy and cherish today.
Mother & Child Series The vital early years shared between a mother and child are shown in these warm, loving scenes.
Parent & Child Series Often referred to by Sebastian collectors as "Woody's first" series, a number of representations of a parent and child in situations where it is the child's first experience such as "First Day of School."
Rogers Groups Three figurines that are miniature versions of Rogers Groups - John Rogers (1829-1904).  Rogers created over 100 designs that were reproduced in plaster and became extremely popular.
Sebastian Remembers 50 Years This group of 8 figurines was available only as a numbered set.  2000 sets were produced.  They represented scenes in American life and history during the period 1938-1961 and are listed in the order of the year's represented.  They were produced in 1988.
Shakespeare Series A number of figurines based on Shakespeare's plays started appearing in 1947 with Romeo and Juliet.  Central figures in several plays are represented over a period of many years.  In 1983, figures in this series were reissued for members of the Sebastian Miniatures Collectors Society.
Snow Persons Series One of the thrills of youth is building snowmen - or "snowpeople" to be politically correct today.  The various activities that these snowpeople are enjoying continue to bring delight to young and old alike.  And this group makes a delightful display at any season of the year.  
Spirit of America Series I & II These two Series depict nostalgic scenes of American towns and countryside at the turn of the Nineteenth Century.  They bring back memories of an earlier, less hectic life.  This series was issued in complete sets; each was numbered and signed by the artist.  1000 were issued.
Spirit of New England These are bygone scenes of New England, where Sebastian Miniatures were born.  The six pieces in this grouping represent typical landmarks that best reflect the New England landscape.
Sunday Afternoon in the Park The town or city park was the natural place to go after Sunday church services and millions of Americans did exactly that for many decades.  This colorful and varied series illustrates very well this tradition before a fast-paced society turned to shopping malls and other Sunday afternoon diversions.
WEEI Series This series depicts personalities who appeared on Boston radio station WEEK for many years.  Each, associated with his or her specialty - weather, cooking, fashion, etc.-  was a familiar household name in New England during the 1950s, preceding the days of television.  
Washington Irving Series A series based on writings by American author, Washington Irving (1783-1859).  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is represented.  This series, originally issued in 1949, was reissued by the Sebastian Collectors Society in 1981 for its members.
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