Sebastian figurines have been made in a great many subject areas as a quick scroll down this page will reveal.  Most figurines overlap into two or more categories.  Regardless of your collecting area, you are likely to find items that will appeal to you. Each category lists several representative figurines for that area; there are often many more.  Click on the SML number for an item for a full description.


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agriculture, farming and gardening   Bringing in the Hay (SML-542);  Country Farm (SML-449); Cranberry Picker (SML-162); Gardener Man (SML-352); Sugar House (SML-468)
American Life and Values Family Feast (SML-405); Family Fishing (SML-395); My Friends (SML-529); Television Hits America (SML-533)
American Revolution Boston Tea Party (PP-1); Bunker Hill (SML-545);  Concord Minuteman (SML-360);  Spirit of '76 (SML-112)
animals and pets Dachshund (SML-248); Dilemma (SML-82);  Kittens (SML-41); Mallards of Boston (SML-627);  Speak for It (SML-218)
art and sculpture reproductions Lincoln Memorial (SML-291);  Mt. Rushmore (SML-372); Sistine Madonna (SML-171); The Thinker pen stand (SML-133)
Black America Darned Well He Can (SML-222);  Jim (SML-98)
buildings and other structures Covered Bridge (SML-232); Old Powder House (SML-212); Statue of Liberty (SML-466);  Town Hall (SML-470)
children at work and play First Teddy (SML-443); Majorette (SML-42);  News Boy (SML-421): Peace & Brotherhood (SML-531); Soap Box Derby (SML-625
Christmas (figurines and ornaments) Bringing Home Tree (SML-388); Decorating the Tree (SML-524);  Nativity (SML-233); Santa in Dory (SML-527)
commercial, advertising and awards Cliquot Eskimo (SML-299); Green Giant (SML-271); Mrs. Obocell (SML-268);  Mrs. S.O.S.  ( SML-303); Stork - Jello (SML-203)
colonial life Colonial Kitchen (SML-198); Colonial Glassblower (SML-277); Paul Revere Silversmith (SML-516); Williamsburg Palace (SML-474)
country life Amish Folk (SML-71); Bringing in the Hay (SML-542); Country Church (SML-425); Sugarhouse (SML-468); Wayside Inn (SML-488)
couples (two separate figurines) Observer & Dame New England (SML-189); Romeo & Juliet (SML-289); Williamsburg Couple (SML-285); Note: This Topic  includes "Early Couples"
fairs and festivals Festival Medallion (SML-665); Midwest Fair Medallion (SML-699)
famous people Ann Boleyn (SML-74); Sam Houston (SML-15); Joan of Arc (SML-209); John F. Kennedy (SML-338); Prince Philip (SML-88)
fishing and fisherman Dahl Fisherman(SML-81); Dory Fisherman (SML-499); Family Fishing  (SML-395); Gloucester Fisherman (SML-638);  Fisherman (SML-412)
folklore, fairy tales and nursery rhymes Jack & Jill (SML-139); Johnny Appleseed (SML-355); Rub-a-Dub-Dub (SML-377); Three Little Kittens - Jello 3 little kittens  (SML-259)
groups and organizations Bluebird Girl (SML-236); Boy Scout Plaque (SML-120); Campfire Girl (SML-237); Jimmy Fund V (SML-500); Mass.  SPCA (SML-349)
holidays - other than Christmas Father Time (SML-624);  New Year Baby (SML-632);  Look what the Easter Bunny Left (SML-644); First Easter Bonnet (SML-428)
horses and wagons Amish Wagon (SML-465); Conestoga Wagon (SML-407); Sleigh Ride (SML-479); Stagecoach (SML-309); Steam Pumper (SML-512)
large Ceramastone  figures Breton Man & Woman (LC-8); Jello Cow Milk Picture (LC-13); Large Victorian Couple (LC-11A);  Wasp (ship) Plaque (LC-15)
law enforcement and firefighting Firefighter #2 (SML-623); Long Arm of the Law (SML-418); Steam Pumper (SML-512); Volunteer Fireman (SML-401)
literature in America Ichabod Crane (SML-140); Nathaniel Hawthorne (SML-110); Longfellow (SML-344);  Phoebe (SML-163); Mark Twain (SML-315)
literature in England Countess Olivia (SML-153); Malvolio (SML-152); Robin Hood & Little John (SML-256); Romeo & Juliet (SML-289); Shakespeare (SML-523)
Main Street America Checker Players (SML-585); Firehouse (SML-467);  Sidewalk Days; (SML-369); Top 'O the Morning (SML-609)
Masons, Shriners  and
 Eastern Star
Follow the Star (SML-546); Masonic Bible (SML-314);  Masonic Home Tower (SML-478); Voyagers (SML-715)
military and war Confederate Soldier (SML-484); Desert Storm (SML-597); Infantryman (SML-322);  Marine Memorial (SML-321);  Union Soldier (SML-483)
medallions see fairs and festivals
medical profession Arthritic Hands (SML-262); Country Doctor (SML-493); The Doctor (SML-245); Nurse (SML-494); Ortho-Novum (SML-358)
Native Americans Chief Pontiac (SML-192); Indian Warrior (SML-17);  Naumkeag Indian (SML-341);  Smile of the Great Spirit (SML-509)
occupations and professions Astronaut (SML-554); Barber (SML-567); Lobsterman (SML-65); Lumberjack (SML-396); Teamster (SML-427)
ornaments Merry Christmas (1991) (SML-595); Raphael Madonna (SML-48); Santa Claus (SML-123); Sleigh Ride (SML-479)
pairs - mounted on one base Coronado & Senora (SML-383); Sam & Margaret Houston (SML-382);  Pilgrims (SML-72); Romeo & Juliet (SML-289)
pen stands Fishing Pair  (SML-69); Fleischman's Margarine  (SML-306); 
Siesta Coffee  (SML-301); The Thinker  (SML-133A)
pewter figurines Betsey Ross (PF-10); Cabinet Maker (PF-31); Jefferson (PF-13); Lexington Minuteman (PF-1);  Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (PF-24)
Pilgrims & Thanksgiving America's Home Town  (SML-576);  John & Priscilla Alden (SML-5,6);  Mayflower (SML-273);  Pilgrim Santa (SML-710)
pins, enameled Paul Bunyan (PIN-1); George Washington & Cannon (PIN-3); Long Arm of the Law (PIN-9)
pioneers and the Old West Bronco Buster (SML-404); Buffalo Bill & Annie Oakley (SML-384);   Forty-Niner;  (SML-392), Mountain Man (SML-400)
plaques and counter displays Dealer Plaque (SML-168); Knickerbocker Plaque (SML-366); Paul Revere Plaque (SML-548); Sebastian Society Membership (SML-381)
plates Doctor (SP-5); Grand Canyon (SP-2); Motif No. 1 (SP-1);
Prescott W. Baston Sr. & Jr. 50th Anniversary Celebration (SML-506);  Memorial Bust (PW Baston) (SML-521); Sebastian Studio (SML-444); Self-Portrait (SML-391); 
presidents, U. S. & wives Camelot (SML-535); Give 'em Hell Harry (SML-532);  Abraham Lincoln (SML-85);  Ronald Regan (SML-492);  F.D. Roosevelt (SML-86)
religious figures & themes Pope John 23rd (SML-332); St. Sebastian (SML-210); Lady of LaLeche (SML-244); Praying Hands (SML-264),;Jesus in Temple (SML-224)
royalty Anne Boleyn (SML-74); Cleopatra (SML-156); Coronation Crown (SML-440); Prince Philip  (SML-88)
schools, colleges and universities Adams Academy (SML-616); Blessed Julia Billiart (SML-225); Schoolboy of 1850 (SML-228); Texcel Tape Boy (SML-260)
sea and seafarers Tom Bowline (SML-146); Home from the Sea (SML-365); Old Salt (SML-148); Whaler (SML-408);  
Sebastian Exchange  Ezra (SML-680); It's About Time (SML-497); News Wagon (SML-477); Peter (SML-706); Rebecca (SML-698);   
Sebastian Miniatures Collectors Society Society Membership Plaque-1984  (SML-381); New Year Baby (SML-632); Self-Portrait (P. W. Baston) (SML-391)
ships and watercraft Jamestown Ships (SML-276); Swanboat (SML-150);  Lobsterboat (SML-522);  Yacht America (SML-485)
special occasions Blessed Moment (SML-544); First Day of School  (SML-420);  In Holy Matrimony  (SML-547);  Mother  (SML-409)
sports and leisure Babe Ruth (SML-441);  Bicyclist (SML-560);  Jimmy Fund III (SML-459);  Scuba Diver (SML-234); Surf's Up (SML-552)
travel and transportation Amish Wagon (SML-465); First Car Wash (SML-487); Railroad Station (SML-445); Sleigh Ride (SML-479);  Stagecoach (SML-309)
winter scenes Ice Sleigh (SML-486); Job Well Done (SML-630); On the Slopes (SML-711);Snow Days-Boy (SML-378)

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