SML-5 & SML-6  John and Priscilla Alden

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reference numbers SML-5: John Alden (no title) (AL)
SML-5A: John Alden (title in base) (M)
SML-6: Priscilla (no title) (AL)
SML-6A: Priscilla (title in base) (M) 
description Pilgrims John Alden standing.  Priscilla (Mullins) Alden sitting at spinning wheel.
dimensions SML-5: height = 3 inches; SML-6: height = 2 1/4 inches
topics/series Topics: Couples-2 Figures  Famous People  Literature in America

Series: none
related or similar items SML-13A; SML-286
first issued/withdrawn/
discontinued forever
SML-5: 1939-1945
SML-5A: 1946-1958
SML-6 - 1939-1945
SML-6A - 1946-1958
private issue and/or limited edition & quantity not applicable
era first introduced. Arlington
value range SML-5: 30/50
SML-5A: 30/50
SML-6: 30/50
SML-6A: 30/50
auction notes none
comments/observations Wide color variations.  Values of Marblehead era items tend to be somewhat less than values of the same items from the Arlington era.

GENERAL INFORMATION.  One of the earliest couples completed by Prescott W. Baston.  It proved one of the most popular over the years.
John Alden was hired as a cooper to take care of the barrels aboard the Mayflower when it set sail for the New World in early fall of 1620.  (A cooper or barrel maker was required to be aboard by British admiralty law.)  He was not a Pilgrim at the time but elected to remain in New England when the Mayflower returned home to England.  He married Priscilla Mullins, probably in 1623.  John and Priscilla moved to Duxbury, Massachusetts in about1630 where they raised their ten children.
|The classic story of The Courtship of Myles Standish ("Why don't you speak for yourself, John?) was incorporated into a poem by Alden descendant Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  This is, in all probability, totally fictitious.
In 1953, Mr. Baston modified the base on an earlier figurine of Coronado (SML-13), changing it to read Myles Standish.
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